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I first got into photography out of frustration. After returning from an amazing trip to New York City, I was annoyed that all the photos my partner had taken were better than mine. This was due both to inferior equipment and poorer skill. I am quite competitive and so shortly after this I bought my first DSLR camera. My photos instantly jumped up a level with the new gear, but more importantly, as I took more photos and gained more experience, my eye continued to improve.

I vary my work as much as possible and enjoy photographing anything from people to landscapes to commercial products. Working with start up businesses is also a passion of mine; in particular, I like helping people get their idea out to the world via the internet and social media. If this is you, then please get in touch. I can photograph your new cafe, invention, dog grooming business or whatever creative endeavour you've dreamt up in its best possible light.


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I am also an Audio Engineer. Check out my website here.